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And So It Begins…

Posted on: August 12th, 2008 by AAC Library

We’re about a week away from demolishing walls and beginning construction on the long-awaited Nicholas Clinch Central Asia Library. Our crew (me, Beth, and Bill) will be busy the next several days clearing out all of the spaces (pictured below) before the first walls come down.

The first photo below will be the Library’s main area. The wall where the door is and the wall to the right of the door will be demolished to make a bigger room. Seven compact shelving carriages that are each 32′ long will fill this area and the rooms behind it:

The next shot shows the room that’s just behind the door in the first picture:

The next photo shows the room directly behind the main area. The main area and the two storerooms will become one big room after the buildout is complete:

The room in the last photo will become climate-controlled storage for artwork. In its past life when the building was Golden High School (1923-1985), this room was the girls’ shower:

We’ll post more photos as construction begins, so check back!

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