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For the Conservation Minded

Posted on: April 14th, 2008 by AAC Library

Both the CMC and AAC actively promote conservation in mountain environments. Our colleagues at the National Snow and Ice Data Center have been working with a few scientists to take current photos of glaciers that appear in the NSIDC’s collection of historic images (the NSIDC allowed us to use some of their images in the Climbatology event we had in February). The following is from the NSIDC’s blog:

We have updated the Glacier Photograph Collection. There is now a special collection page for the DAHLI IGY Glacier Photographs. This new page directs users to a special search page to locate glacier photographs taken during the International Geophysical Year (1957-58). Thanks to the work of Michael Russell, we will be adding more photographs soon. Michael has been diligently checking the quality of the digital files and ensuring the accuracy of the associated metadata. There are currently 917 images in the database. Another 1131 images are in the queue.
In addition to the IGY photographs, we have recently added a collection of images taken in Peru by Fred D. Ayres and updated the National Park Service Glacier Survey Reports (another special collection).

As our own library outsources our cataloging processes to OCLC in the coming weeks, we’ll catalog some of the NSIDC’s digital collections so library users can find and cross-reference them with the AAC/CMC Library’s collections. This will be our first significant online resource-sharing effort with another institution.

-Gary Landeck

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